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Gauntlet - Review Roundup #2

by Couchpotato, 2014-10-01 04:30:35

Here is the second  batch of reviews this week for the just released Gauntlet Remake.

Eurogamer - 6/10

Sadly, the biggest problem with this whole package may be that Arrowhead has already made a truly great Gauntlet tribute anyway, and it was Magicka. There was a game with the freedom to choose its own first principles, while still having Gauntlet's mean-spirited playfulness baked into it. The difference, I suspect, is between being creatively inspired by the spirit and ethos of a legendary design, and being cast as a kind of well-intentioned caretaker.

Game Trailers - 7.9/10

Gauntlet is an accessible co-op dungeon crawler that's at its best with a group of friends. It may be on the shorter side, but while it lasts it's an unpredictable and memorable experience. Hopefully this is only the first of many steps into the perilous Gauntlet.

Arcade Sushi - 7.5/10

If you want an old-school adventure that will let you hack, slash and steal stuff from your buddies, Gauntlet’s for you. The dungeons may be a bit repetitive and could have more variety, but the fun is there.

Gameinformer - 7/10

There’s definitely a charming old-school spark to this reboot, but without anything beyond the constant monster mashing and levels that seem to blend together, you may find yourself needing excitement badly.

CGM - 7/10

The thing is that, this could be a fun arcade-style homage to the original game and a worthy game in its own right, but its lack of variation kills it. Difficulty increases mean more gold and those with achievement fever might want to collect all the items, cosmetic pieces, and special goals, but they’d have to grind over the same levels to do it.

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