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Legends of Ellaria - Coming to Early Access

by Myrthos, 2017-07-07 12:14:27

The sandbox game Legends of Ellaria, merging FPS, RTS and RPG features in one, will be available in Early Access July 28.

We are excited to announce that after four years of development, hard work, and the support of our community, Legends of Ellaria is finally coming to Early Access on July 28, 2017!  

We prepared a Launch Trailer just for the occasion, and it would help us infinitely if you can like, share, and even comment on your thoughts about release!  

Our Official Steam page is approved as well, please add the game to your wishlist and follow it for release, and the more feedback we have from as many players as we can, the more we will improve into the full release of a truly epic game :).


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Legends of Ellaria

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