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Legends of Ellaria - Prologue Update

by Silver, 2021-02-10 17:03:47

A new update on Chapter 0 for Legends of Ellaria lets you know what to expect.

Greetings, Ellarians! We've got some news to share with you today. As you know, in the last months we've been working on the final details of the game, implementing some advanced features like quests, dungeons, etc. Everything is falling into place, and we're quite happy to let you know that Legends of Ellaria will transition from early access to full release in March. Depending on how the final tests go, that could be early or late March, mind you – stay tuned for more info, in the coming weeks we'll be able to pinpoint it to a more concrete date!

We've got more good news for you: Legends of Ellaria will have a 25% off discount this week. The price may increase as the game gets all the full release features, so this is one of the last opportunities to get it with a reduced price – if you are considering getting the game, don't miss on this opportunity!

Speaking of releases, we've just completed the Prologue. in this mini-chapter, you fight your way from your old homeworld, Marra to reach Ellaria through a portal, before the Amerdan Clan overruns your castle.

We've also polished some of your character's movement and jumping, added new maps and locations, and completely overhauled the kingdom balancing and fixed some important kingdom management issues. We recommend starting a new game so that these changes will take effect

Your feedback is crucial even in this last stretch of development, so you still have a chance at helping us to shape the game. Remember that you can help us a lot by spreading the word about the game. Don't forget to Wishlist and Follow the game on Steam so you don't miss any news, and you can also join our community of Ellarians in Discord! We can't wait to release the final features, and we're looking forward to experiencing with you the adventures that are awaiting in Ellaria. Stay safe and strong, and see you very soon in the fields of Ellaria!

If you own a copy of Legends of Ellaria but still haven't joined the closed Beta, please join us on our Discord server, PM us with @Admin and we will set you up! In case you don't have a Discord, you can also contact us here.


Thanks Farflame!

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