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Neverwinter Nights: EE - Patch 1.79

by Hiddenx, 2019-12-09 19:30:32

Lucky Day spotted patch 1.79 for the Enhanced Edition of Neverwinter Nights:

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition 1.79 Stable

The new patch for #NeverwinterNights: Enhanced Edition on PC (1.79) is finally here! Thanks to our amazing community for your patience.

Check out the list of improvements, including bug fixes, 64bit support, achievements, keyholing, toolset updates & more in our patch notes below.

This patch also brings crossplay compatibility with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One!

Major Features

* Both client and server are now 64bit binaries. We do not provide 32bit binaries anymore as of this patch. (The binary directories in the game install are now misnamed; we didn't change this yet but will in a future patch.)

* CodeBase (“Bioware Campaign Database”) has been replaced with sqlite3, as the old database code would not work when compiled with a 64bit compiler. All new database files end up in the database/ directory in your user home. They have the extension .sqlite3. Old database files will be imported once at module startup.

* Achievements have been added to the Steam release. These are the same as have been available on Android for a while. There is a Debug UI panel that allows you to clear previously-achieved achievements if you’d like to start fresh.

* A new configuration system has been put in place. Most client and server config is now stored in a file called settings.tml, instead of nwn and nwnplayer ini.

* We're changing how networking is done in NWN:EE, with the following benefits: Cryptographic server and client identity authentication; full network encryption to prevent traffic snooping - and in the case of public servers via the master, connection hijacking; floating connections (you might be able to IP/port-hop and retain your connection); better use of compression; and no more host/port confusion when connecting multiple times from behind the same LAN.

* Networking/Crypto: Servers can now have fixed identities that persist between restarts. This identity is stored in a file named “cryptographic_secret” in the user home. Leaking this identity allows others to impersonate your server, much in the same way as leaking a private CD key. Favourites and History storage will now use server identities if available, so that floating IP/port servers can be found again easily.

* We ported keyholing from Android. It is turned ON by default, but can be turned off with a console command (KeyholeToggle) or the configuration setting. There are also bindable keys.

* New main menu background art. (Also configurable in settings.tml)

* A management UI for NWSync was added to the Options dialog. It allows players to remove downloaded data they don’t want anymore.

* New script calls (see below).

Further Features


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