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Non-RPG General News - Multiply Something Challenge

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-16 16:25:21

Soola found this challenge on Rock Paper Shotgun:

Game dev challenges other devs to multiply something in their game by 1000, triggering landslide of chaotic videos

Quantity always wins

I think most would agree that the artist formerly known as Twitter has never been in more need of a thermonuclear cleansing. The Musk era has transformed what was already fondly known as a hellsite into something at once more obnoxious and sadder, whether you're talking about the web3 grifters or the resurgent debate-me cryptofascists or the recommendation algorithm's perceptibly greater enthusiasm for quote-tweet flamebait.

Still, there are lights in the darkness. Yesterday, Graham pointed us towards a thread started by The End Is Nigh developer Tyler Glaiel in which he challenged other developers to "take a short break, pick a number in your code or data files, multiply it by 1000, and post the results". Other developers have heeded the call. Here's a round-up of the results that doubles as a watery echo of Alice0's (RPS in peace) old Screenshot Saturday Monday features.

Let's kick off with this instance of senior citizen rage from Kirt Olson and the World's Worst Handyman.


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