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RPGWatch Feature - Wildermyth Review

by Myrthos, 2021-10-04 09:26:10

The advertising for Wildermyth used some keywords, which gave Forgottenlor some doubts when he picked the game up. Find out in this review if those doubts were warranted.

Procedural generation is one of those things with me. In theory it sounds great, in practice I usually find it disappointing. Random maps I find ok. Random treasure works in some games, like Diablo for instance. I’ve played some roguelikes I’ve enjoyed for 20 hours or so, but others invest hundreds of hours in these games. I’ve found procedural generation in more classic rpgs almost always inferior to hand placed material, though. Still, I picked up Wildermyth, because it was advertised as story and character heavy, as well as capturing the feel of a tabletop game, which I found intriguing at the same time as I found it hard to believe.  

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