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Startrail HD - Development News

by Hiddenx, 2016-03-24 19:36:07

Farflame spotted a new blog post (in German) for Startrail HD:

Short summary:

  • they learned a lot in the past so development process is different for Star Trail HD
  • they brought to alpha team few enthusiasts who helped find bugs in Sword of Destiny HD. They test, discuss and suggest improvements
  • modding in Star Trail HD should be more intuitive and powerfull, thanks to suggestions
  • modding feature - "location-based trigger" for events in dungeons now available for cities and villages, too
  • they have fully automated server that makes new builds for alpha testers daily
  • they already implemented travel map that displays known and traveled roads
  • implemented many road + city events
  • implemented keyword dialogue system
  • implemented and refined Gashok quest
  • implemented all items
  • magical weapons/armos have stories in description text
  • new extended texts for elves, dwarves and gods in temples

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Startrail HD

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