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Startrail HD - Version 0.82

by Hiddenx, 2017-06-15 08:26:50

The Early Access version 0.82 for Startrail HD has been released:

Version 0.82

Hail to the twelve!

We have a large "stabilization update" for you this week, almost 90 changes should make your life in Aventuria more pleasant, especially in combat, where now among other things shields are represented and correctly taken into account and the NPCs now also switch weapons, or put the weapon away when they are encircled to continue fighting. In detail:


  • Some diseases now require a whole set of herbs for healing
  • The party is now visible in the prison scene in Lowangen
  • New scene "lonely tundra"
  • Fixed a problem when closing the merchant window
  • When moving items, the item will no longer hang on the portrait
  • The Jugglers Shirt is now also displayed on female characters
  • Fixed a problem where characters left behind could lead to corrupted savegames
  • Fixed a problem when camping the second time
  • Various consumables (eg weapon care utensils) are now consumed correctly again
  • The second visit to a market stand no longer releases the entire set of potentially available items
  • Item containers now show the correct icon
  • The functionality of "Keeping Guard" has been restored
  • The main menu difficulty window size has been increased
  • Unconscious and rehealed heroes will be displayed correctly again at the next camp
  • Hungry and thirsty heroes no longer help themselves to alchemy ingredients
  • Fixed a problem with item containers and items that were moved to characters other than the currently active character

Cities and Dungeons

  • The party is shown in the dungeon-campscreen
  • NPCs were persuaded to remain invisible when they are supposed to be
    Running in doors in the blood pinnacles now looks better
  • Running in doors in the cellar vault now looks better
  • Market stalls have been repaired
  • Fixed the runin animation in other existing dungeons
  • NPCs no longer slowly turn on the spot
  • A problem with the hostels in Lowangen has been corrected
  • The blood pinnacles trigger positions were revised
  • Special items no longer get lost in the chests of the blood pinnacles dungeon
  • Fixed a problem with "popping" grass in the swamp of the forgotten
  • Improved the water in Lowangen
  • Improved the Automap in Lowangen
  • The flying gallows in Lowangen is no longer flying
  • Other floating objects in Lowangen are now on the ground
  • Fixed some occlusion problems in Lowangen
  • Made the staircase at the Lowangen taverns easier to climb
  • Fixed another error on the socket puzzle of the cellar vault
  • Fixed a house without collision
  • Improved the palisades in Tjolmar
  • Prevented NPCs in Tjolmar passing through the walls and palisades
  • The torches in the first 3 levels of the Finsterkoppenbinge dungeon, which are inflamed by Ingerimms day work, now go out again after 12 hours
  • Trigger a chance to counter the fire sponge effect in the Finsterkoppenbinge every hour
  • Fixed the coordinates of the rear entrance of the blood pinnacles dungeon
  • Fixed some holes in the walls of the blood pinnacles dungeon
  • Thurazz only joins the party once
  • The Tairach priests rom no longer triggers multiple times
  • Empty chests in the blood pinnacles now trigger a corresponding hint


  • When resting on journeys, the console shows which modifiers the camp has
  • Fixed a save/load problem on the travel map after displaying scenes
  • Fixed a problem with the basilisk event
  • Limited the maximum regeneration bonus in nature camps
  • Fixed another problem with basilisk event


  • Crowbar, Pickaxe and Shovel can now be used as improvised weapons
  • There is now a spiderqueen battle avatar
  • All monster portals have been reworked
  • Fixed a problem with the end of combat mode
  • The initial position of the combat camera is now much more meaningful
  • Fixed the Gorger and Arkandor getting stuck
  • The loot window after the battle is no longer in "combat mode", so equipment can also be changed
  • Ogres were reduced to 2x2 squares and should now have fewer problems when filling battle arenas
  • Fixed drawing paths for enemies
  • Fixed enemy alignment in autobattle
  • Used up throwing weapons and lost weapons are correctly removed from the avatars hand
  • Alignment and looking direction was fixed for the heroes
  • The bow animation is chosen correctly when using a bow
  • Fixed various problems in auto battle with ranged fighters
  • NPCs are now using their shield correctly, if they have one
  • Corretly show a weapon switch
  • Fixed a few lighting problems in battle arenas
  • Enemies now cast their Ignifaxius with more than 1-6 damage
  • The action display is now correctly updated when the current weapon is switched
  • Some probabilities in battle were displayed too high or too low
  • Removed unnecessary messages when loading a battle
  • The dodging and not the parry value will now be correctly used for remote attack
  • Fixed the Ghul avatar getting stuck
  • Fixed shield bearers getting their dodge made more difficult for no reason
  • Equipped shields are now displayed in the battlearena
  • Correctly consider shields in calculating chances
  • Fixed a problem with the stagga beatle battle


  • There are now the new modifiers "evade" and "oppEvade" to change the evade value of current character or possible target
  • Monsters can now also be defined as being on the heroes side
  • Allow to determine the amount by which a check failed
  • Script changes update the inventory immediately
  • Building events are now correctly overwritten by mods

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