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Startrail HD - Version 0.95 released

by Hiddenx, 2017-07-30 09:28:29

The Early Access version 0.95 of Realms of Arkania: Star Trail HD has been released:

Version 0.95

Hail to the twelve!

This Update was all about "Sound": Actions in the inventory and out of it result in "audible Feedback", footsteps change their tone when stepping on a different underground, torches sizzle audible in Dungeons, water drips in caves and flows on fountains. We also included reworked spells, elfs now have their own "elfish representation" of the according formula. Combat also sounds a lot more lively, even though it isn't completely done yet, there is more to come! In Detail:

  • The heroes now give audible comments in certain situations (e.g., injured, becoming leader)
  • All doors in dungeons now have soundeffects
  • Soundeffects added to inventory actions (e.g. eat, equip and drop)
  • Warriors and Dwarfs now get a bonus on encumberance ("armor familiarity")
  • Mages, druids, and witches can now access new wardrobes.
  • The travel experience "buzz and hum" now has a soundeffect.
  • It is now possible to exchange water in the inventory between waterskins and glass / water bottles.
  • In dialogs with group NPCs their portraits are now displayed.
  • The footstep sounds now adapt to the respective underground.
  • A further fix attempt was made for blurry spell texts
  • Spell voiceovers have been completely replaced, there are also separate elf interpretations
  • The spell "Eagle, Wolf" is now only applicable to the caster himself.
  • The effect "healattempt" after trying to heal wounds now lasts 24 hours instead of formerly 8.
  • Effect "healattempt" is now no longer set on several other occasions, like with dagger rituals or when sleeping in Finsterkoppen
  • A rabies infection is no longer identifiable by medical practitioners
  • The group NPCs now have their correct portraits. Caution: Unfortunately, this does not work with existing savegames, if the respective NPC is already or was in the group.
  • More than 60 dialogs and events were given images from game assets.
  • Inadvertently deactivated 8 landroute random events now trigger again.
  • 6 key icons have received a wooden background.

  • When having Agility 16 or better, a character receives +1 movement per action
  • Created a special arena for the fight in Ingramosch's house.
  • Significantly more fighting sounds were implemented, some non-humanoids and few humanoids are still inactive
  • "Wait until end of turn" now works again
  • Skeletons are now losing their weapon visually as well es in the code
  • Prevent yellow battle messages in accelerated combat, only show LE / AE changes.
  • The life energy of the Dragon Arkandor was significantly increased.
  • The starting positions of a battle in the Vault beneath Tjolmar have been corrected
  • Another fight in the Vault beneath Tjolmar has been corrected

Towns and Dungeons
  • Swamp of the Forgotten: You move very slow in swamp grass.
  • Reworked ambient sound in Finsterkoppen Pit
  • Reworked ambient sound in Swamp of the Forgotten
  • Illusion walls in the blood pinnacles now disappear when they are discovered
  • Various item containers (chests, shelves, cabinets etc.) in the vault beneath Tjolmar don't show unnecessary warnings any more.
  • The missing transversalis targets in the vault beneath Tjolmar have been added.
  • Druids and witches are now allowed to pass the guards at the Finsterkoppen mountain entrance.
  • The sunken chest in the Swamp of Forgiveness now includes a pair of trousers and a shirt that can be worn later on by Agdan Dragenfeld.
  • The text for opening and closing the secret door in the Vault beneath Tjolmar is now displayed only once.
  • The "LOD" system for characters has been disabled, the village characters should now look better
  • Fixed blood pinnacles on lowest quality
  • When entering the swamp, you no longer land behind a barrier.
  • Prevented falling through the ground in the Vault beneath Tjolmar
  • The handling of Aumond has been fixed, it is now unaccessible as planned
  • Hillhaus is accessible again
  • Swamp of the Forgotten: The usefulness of the minimap has been improved.
  • Some stairs in the Vault beneath Tjolmar were "sealed"
  • Swamp of the Forgotten: Prevented hanging in the boats.
  • The Lanterns in the Swamp of Forgiveness now have a correct collisions.
  • Some "catapults" in the blood pinnacles have been corrected
  • In case you have the "correct" heather, but not the Noctrux document, an additional query and a new text have been added.
  • There is now an Autosave before the NPC leaves the group in the 3rd level of the Vault beneath Tjolmar.
  • In the Vault beneath Tjolmar the assignment of the adventure points was completely revised.
  • Vault beneath Tjolmar: The heroes are now told about the use of the flame key.
  • Vault beneath Tjolmar: The heroes are now informed about the loss of amulet parts.
  • The trigger positions in the Vault beneath Tjolmar have been reworked.
  • The Hiltorp priest now correctly has a female avatar.
  • There are now torches and tinders in level 6 of the Finsterkoppen Pit
  • Blood Pinnacles: You can not get the Gravesh dagger several times now.
  • Water bottles can now also be filled on the rivers in Tiefhusen and Gashok.
  • The blacksmith in Gashok now also allows elves, who can not be recognized as elves by the spells "eagle, wolf", "harmless figure" or "visibili".
  • Blood Pinnacles: Fight in large hall triggers no more a second time
  • Blood Pinnacles: Fleeing Ork can now sound an alarm

  • Voiceover Modding is now possible
  • Directories can now be given as source not only for image files, but also for general files
  • Character classes can now have permanent effects (like check boni)

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