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Titan Quest II - The Ichthians

by Hiddenx, 2024-03-30 16:36:31

Learn more about the Ichthians in Titan Quest II:

The Ichthians in Titan Quest II

In Titan Quest II’s ancient Greece, human civilization is threatened by all manner of monsters and mythical beasts. Some of these enemies you will face act independently, either by choice or simply acting on instinct. But others will be more organized, forming a coherent faction with their own combat doctrine.

One of the early factions you will encounter is the Ichthians. You might remember seeing Ichthians in the original Titan Quest. They are one of the game’s original additions to Greek mythology, and for Titan Quest II we’ve expanded their lore to hint at how these monstrous fish-men came to be and to tie them into existing myth. The Ichthians are a monstrous hybrid of human and sea monster, with a vicious hatred of the god Glaukos and all the humans under his protection. Using their own brand of magic and tools and weapons improvised from their aquatic environment, the Ichthians are able to fight on land - though they do not like to stray far from the water.


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