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Visions of Mana - Preview

by Hiddenx, 2024-04-10 16:12:37

MP1st checked out Visions of Mana:

Visions of Mana Hands-On Preview – A Classic Returns

The Mana series of video games is over three decades old, beginning in 1991 as Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy handheld system. It has been eight years since the last release in this franchise, with 2016’s mobile-centric Adventures of Mana the last new entry, even if that was itself a remake of the original 1992 Adventure title. The first mainline entry in almost two decades, Visions of Mana, is nearly upon us, and Square Enix invited MP1st to get some world-first hands-on time with a preview build of the game ahead of its release later this year. Read our preview to see how this latest iteration of the venerable franchise is shaping up.

So Many Colors!
Visions of Mana sports a brightly colored palette, with a cel-shaded art style that could fit in with any JRPG. There’s nothing groundbreaking here in terms of looks, but it is gorgeous all the same. We saw wide, sweeping vistas, along with deep, treacherous canyons, and tall, snowy mountains, all within our short 1.5-hour or so trip into the world of Mana. It’s one you’ll no doubt enjoy visiting time and time again. Audio is also equally fitting, with an orchestral-like soundtrack that helps add to the epic adventure you and your crew are undertaking. There’s plenty of voiceover work as well, with voices pretty well suited to each character.


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