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VtM: Bloodlines - Unoffcial Patch 9.5 beta

by Hiddenx, 2016-04-03 00:30:16

Wesp5 is still working on Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. Patch 9.5 beta is out:


v9.5 20.03.2016

  • Recreated Smoke Shop in SM and integrated it into the libray quest.
  • Created Coffee Shop in SM and integrated it into the libray quest.
  • Restored nine random sounds to Giovanni Mansion and Malkavian Maze.
  • Added two new Malkavian Maze areas and riddle, thanks to Psycho-A.
  • Improved cook model, oilrig reflection and SDK, thanks to Psycho-A.
  • Fixed Patty-turnstile-issue and many map details, thanks Psycho-A.
  • Restored four muffled sounds to downtown and two to Hollywood hubs.
  • Fixed SPAS secondary fire spread and made Chastity biteable again.
  • Added skulls to ritual chamber and fixed Red Spot storage door bug.
  • Fixed delayed identification of occult powerups and infobar icons.
  • Added new notes to museum outside and to the two Santa Monica hubs.
  • Made Edward's theme play only after the Ocean House has been left.
  • Restored two newspaper headers and fixed whispers, thanks Psycho-A.
  • Fixed library guard sound group and added post-installation-infos.
  • Made male blood doll bi and fixed some other minor dialogue issues.
  • Fixed Ming temple clipping columns and improved notes readability.
  • Removed basic maze note, plus emails and ignitions on Fu explosion.
  • Disabled bad downtown hospital sounds and illogical debris vanish.
  • Added infos about Auspex auras, Numina and more to the walkthrough.
  • Removed Malkavian whispers of other clans in tutorial and warrens.
  • Changed name of combination hunter shield Numina to "Faith Shield".
  • Restored Sin Bin machine breaking and adjusted Giovanni door lock.
  • Corrected netcafe sound schemes switch and fixed many streetlights.
  • Fixed SM schrecknet door lock and disabled a Venture Tower button.

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