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Wildermyth - Omenroad DLC on May 16

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-11 21:17:07

The Wildermyth Omenroad DLC will be released on May 16:

Wildermyth's second DLC, Omenroad, is coming!!!

Wildermyth: Omenroad is coming May 16th!

Embark upon the Omenroad!
We have been hard at work at bringing you a new campaign and a new gameplay mode! And a huge thank you to all of our beta testers who have been helping us polish Omenroad for the best experience possible.

Wishlist it Now!

Omenroad DLC will be available on May 16th for $9.99. We'll be sharing more as release approaches.

Also, New Pins! :)
We turned some of Wildermyth's most popular pets into pins! You can now upgrade your accessories with a Critter, Fire Chicken, Shadow Cat, or Avenger Rabbit! Get your own here

Wildermyth: Omenroad
The Omenroad DLC gives you a new way to play Wildermyth. For the fighters, we have a roguelike ​​tactical challenge mode with progression across runs. And for the lovers, we have A Walk in the Unlight, a huge new story campaign that uses the Omenroad format to take your heroes past the edge of the Yondering Lands and into worlds beyond.


Thanks Couchpotato!

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