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Square Enix - A New Final Fantasy PC Game

by Couchpotato, 2015-01-01 05:38:55

I found a short article on destructoid that has information Square Enix posting job hints for a Final Fantasy XV PC project. Seems the last two JRPG ports sold well.

I'm really excited for Final Fantasy XV.

The Kingdom Hearts influences, the beautiful engine, the idea of a bro-road trip with dinosaurs. I'm in. Square Enix might be planning a "XIII"-like mini-franchise too, as it turns out that they've posted a job listing for a "FFXV-related online game."

The requirements for the job apparently relate to PC games and "games with fees." Don't all foam at the mouth at once! But seriously, I hope that XV is a great standalone game, and everything else that comes along with it can be addressed separately.

The only drawback are the words online, and fees.

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