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Skills Table

The following table gives an overview of all the skills that are present in the way of the survivor. They are orderd vertically in the required level that your character has to have before they can be learned. There is a group of spells for each of the four paths. And in these paths the spells are grouped into offensive, defensive and other skills.
Below each skill there is a brief (sometimes incomplete) description of the effects of that skill. Note that because the Divine skils are not depending on your level, they are not shown here.
Due to the current smaller design of the site the table does not really fit well anymore, but it is still readable

The following abbreviations are used:

ds death scorpions
def defence
off offence
res resistances
sm spider mine
tb trailbombs
units Time Units
Path of the Thief
Path of Lore
Path of Talents
1 Assassin's Kiss, L1
(10% chance)
  Pick Locks, L1
  Blind, L1
(-20% sight)
  Identify, L1
      Trader's Tongue, L1
(-5% prices)
3     Evade Trap, L1
      Alchemy, L1
Know Monster, L1
(level 10 monsters)
5 Assassin's Kiss, L2
(20% chance)
Deadly Gift, L1
(tb 20, ds 100, sm 20)
          Identify, L2        
6     Pick Pockets, L1
(L6 NPC)
Poison Weapon, L1
(10 charges)
              Ranger Sight, L1
(+1 sight)
Wisdom, L1
(+2% experience)
7     Pick Locks, L2
Evade Trap, L2
      Know Monster, L2
(level 20 monster)
      rader's Tongue, L2
(-10% prices)
8     Embrace Shadows, L1
(rate 5)
9 Assassin's Kiss, L3
(30% chance)
          Identify, L3
Alchemy, L2
10     Pick Pockets, L2
(L12 NPC)
Elven Stamina, L1
      True Sight, L1
(range 3)
  Charm, L1
(5 seconds)
  Ranger Sight, L2
(+1 sight)
11 Deadly Gift, L2
(tb 40, ds 200, sm 40)
  Evade Trap, L3
      Know Monster, L3
(level 30 monster)
12     Embrace Shadows, L2
(rate 4)
Poison Weapon, L2
(20 charges)
  Blind, L2
(-40% sight)
Curse, L1
(-5 off, -5 def, -5 res, 5 units)
          Wisdom, L2
(+4% experience)
Survivor's Instinct, L1
(rate 12)
13 Assassin's Kiss, L4
(40% chance)
  Pick Locks, L3       Identify, L4
      Trader's Tongue, L3
(-15% prices)
14     Pick Pockets, L3
(L18 NPC)
Elven Stamina, L2
      True Sight, L2
(range 4)
  Charm, L2
(10 seconds)
15     Evade Trap. L4
      Alchemy, L3
Know Monster, L4
(level 40 monster)
16     Embrace Shadows, L3
(rate 3)
Poison Weapon, L3
(30 charges)
  Blind, L3
(-60% sight)
Skin of Poison, L1
(10 charges)
Curse, L2
(-5 off, -5 def, -10 res, 5 units)
    Magic Barrier, L1
(+5 resistances)
Ranger Sight, L3
(+1 sight)
Aura of Command, L1
(1 creature)
17 Assassin's Kiss, L5
(50% chance)
Deadly Gift, L3
(tb 60, ds 300, sm 60)
          Identify, L5
18     Pick Pockets, L4
(L24 NPC)
Elven Stamina, L3
      True Sight, L3
(range 5)
  Charm, L3
(15 seconds)
  Wisdom, L3
(+6% experience)
Survivor's Instinct, L2
(rate 10)
19     Pick Locks, L4
Evade Trap, L5
      Know Monster, L5
(level 50 monster)
      Trader's Tongue, L4
(-20% prices)
20     Embrace Shadows, L4
(rate 2)
Poison Weapon, L4
(40 charges)
  Blind, L4
(-70% sight)
Skin of Poison, L2
(20 charges)
Curse, L3
(-10 off, -10 def, -15 res, 10 units)
21             Alchemy, L4
22     Pick Pockets, L5
(L30 NPC)
Elven Stamina, L4
      True Sight, L4
(range 6)
  Charm, L4
(20 seconds)
Magic Barrier, L2
(+5 resistances)
Ranger Sight, L4
(+1 sight)
Aura of Command, L2
(2 creatures)
23 Deadly Gift, L4
(tb 80, ds 400, sm 80)
24     Embrace Shadows, L5
(rate 1)
Poison Weapon, L5
(50 charges)
  Blind, L5
(-80% sight)
Skin of Poison, L3
(30 charges)
Curse, L3
(-10 off, -10 def, -20 res, 10 units)
Necroshift, L1
(10 seconds)
          Wisdom, L4
(+8% experience)
Heaven's Gift, L1
(low quality)
Survivor's Instinct, L3
(rate 8)
25     Pick Locks, L5
              Trader's Tongue, L5
(-25% prices)
26     Elven Stamina, L5
      True Sight, L5
(range 6)
  Charm, L5
(25 seconds)
27             Alchemy, L5
28         Skin of Poison, L4
(40 charges)
Curse, L5
(-15 off, -15 def, -25 res, 15 units)
Necroshift, L2
(20 seconds)
        Magic Barrier, L3
(+5 resistances)
"Ranger Sight, L5
(+1 sight)
Aura of Command, L3
(3 creature2)
Heaven's Gift, L2
(mediocre quality)
29 Deadly Gift, L5
(tb 100, ds 500, sm 100)
30                     Wisdom, L5
(+10% experience)
Survivor's Instinct, L4
(rate 6)
32         Skin of Poison, L5
(50 charges)
Necroshift, L3
(30 seconds)
          Heaven's Gift, L3
(medium quality)
34                   Magic Barrier, L4
(+5 resistances)
Aura of Command, L4
(4 creatures)
36         Necroshift, L4
(40 seconds)
          Heaven's Gift, L4
(high quality)
Survivor's Instinct, L5
(rate 4)
40         Necroshift, L5
(50 seconds)
        Magic Barrier, L5
(+5 resistances)
Aura of Command, L5
(5 creatures)
Heaven's Gift, L5
(very high quality)


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