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Game of the Year Awards 2010 - Worst RPG

by RPGWatch, 2011-02-02

For almost one week you could vote for the Worst RPG of 2010 and we now present you the results of your votes and the votes of the RPGWatch editors.


Editors' and Gamers' Choice: Arcania: Gothic 4

A couple of years ago, after the Gothic 3 debacle and the acrimonious divorce from original Gothic developer Piranha Bytes, JoWooD made the decision to move the Gothic franchise in a different direction. Soon a name for the next installment was found: Gothic 4 Gothic 4: Genesis Arcania: A Gothic Tale ArcaniA: Gothic 4. The publisher's cunning plan for world domination included finding a new developer, making the game more accessible by cutting out all of Gothic's core ingredients, leaving the loyal but slightly obstreperous community behind, and of course selling a gazillion copies. Suffice it to say that steps 1 to 3 were a raving success.

Our poll results reflect this change in strategy. JoWooD did whatever humanly possible to make Arcania attractive for a more casual audience, and as a result created a game incompatible to the franchise's (former) customer base. Naturally, a certain disappointment from roleplayers shouldn't come as a surprise.

As our review explains, Arcania isn't a bad game at all. It's technically decent and works as a newbie RPG or an action-adventure with RPG elements. But as fourth part in a series of hardcore RPGs, Arcania is a complete and utter failure.

Arcania: Gothic 4 Arcania: Gothic 4




The Numbers

The following tables shows the results of the voting.

Editors' Choice
Rank Game Percentage
1 Arcania: Gothic 4 80
2 Alpha Protocol 20
Visitors' Choice
Rank Game Percentage
1 Arcania: Gothic 4 31,6
2 Mass Effect 2
3 Alpha Protocol 6,75
4 Disciples 3: Renaissance 6,7
5 Deathspank 3,7
6 Elemental: War of Magic 3,4
7 Dragon Age: Awakening 3,3
8 Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes 2,1
9 Fallout: New Vegas 2,0
10 Swords and Sorcery: Underworld 1,6

All other games scored a percentage of less than 1.5%.

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