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Game of the Year Awards 2014 - Best RPG

by RPGWatch, 2015-01-14

This is the first time in the History of RPGWatch (and RPGDot as well) that the editors and gamers choices are identical.

Editors' & Gamers' Choice: Divinity: Original Sin

RPGWatch GoldRPGWatch Gold

Divinity: Original Sin is our/yours 1st place Gold medal winner. As mentioned in our sites review from last year Divinity: Original Sin is the best game we've played, and it revived our hope in turn-based RPGs.

The game was another crowdfunding success, but ran into a few speed bumps during development as some game content was cut.

Now with Larian Studios promising more content and an updated Story it will only get better in 2015. The games future looks bright.



Editors' & Gamers' Runner up: Wasteland 2

RPGWatch SilverRPGWatch Silver

Not enough votes to reach first place, but Wasteland 2 is still good. The game is an example of what crowd-funding can accomplish.

From the moment you start the game you get a nostalgia feeling from the early 1990's of games like Fallout. Don't let that fool you though, as Wasteland 2 is a very different game.

So well done inXile Entertainment you earned the silver award from both the staff & site members.



Editors' & Gamers' Third Place: Dragon Age: Inquisition

RPGWatch BronzeRPGWatch Bronze

Dragon Age: Inquisition is our/yours third place bronze winner, and we have to say we were quite surprised by both the staff members and gamers' votes.

Bioware spent the extra development time making a huge game world, memorable NPCs, and giving us all another glimpse of the world of Thedas.

The game was the chance for Bioware to change everyone's opinion after Dragon Age II, and they have in our opinion.

It wasn't enough to earn our gold medal this year as the game has a few minor problems, so it deserves our Bronze award.



The Numbers

The following tables show the results of the voting by our visitors.

Gamers' Choice
Rank Game
1 Divinity: Original Sin
2 Wasteland 2
3 Dragon Age: Inquisition
4 Shadowrun: Dragonfall
5 Might & Magic X: Legacy
6 Lords of Xulima
7 Risen 3: Titan Lords
8 Legend of Grimrock 2
9 Dark Souls II
10 South Park: The Stick of Truth

All other games scored a percentage of less than 2%.

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