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Game of the Year Awards 2012 - Best RPG

by RPGWatch, 2013-01-30

For almost one week you could vote for the Best RPG of 2012 and we now present you the results of your votes.

Gamers' Choice: Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect 3 was received rather well by game critics, but received a lot of criticism from fans for its ending. This led to several internet campaigns to try and force Bioware to rewrite the ending to create some real closure for the game. BioWare rolled out an extended ending as DLC but the subject remains controversial.

Still the rest of the game was good enough to warrant it the first place in this contest.


Gamers' Runner up: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die

RPGWatch SilverDark Souls: Prepare to Die is the PC version of the earlier released Dark Souls game on consoles. The PC port received quite a bit of negative comment upon release related to how the port was implemented, while receiving praise for its content.
A hack that was released shortly after the game release solved the most annoying issues making it possible to enjoy the content without being disturbed too much by the not too great PC implementation. Ultimately, Dark Souls offers an uncompromising artistic vision that many gamers appreciate, coming in 2nd in our game of the year contest.



Gamers' Third Place: Dishonored

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We've followed this game during its development because it was being made by the same studio that brought us Arx Fatalis, there was a hint at it having RPG elements and we happen to like stealth games. Needless to say that it was not really an RPG, but our visitors liked it anyway and rightfully so. Although there were some shortcomings, overall it was a rather good game with a unique and beautiful setting and rightfully takes the 3rd place of the games we covered in 2012. As we do not have an award for that, we'll just give it the award of 3rd place in our RPG of 2012 contest, just barely staying ahead of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


The Numbers

The following tables show the results of the voting.

Gamers' Choice
Rank Game Percentage
1 Mass Effect 3
2 Dark Souls: Prepare to Die 13
3 Dishonored 12
4 XCOM: Enemy Unknown 11
5 Risen 2: Dark Waters 10
6 Torchlight II 10
7 Borderlands 2 6
8 Kingdoms of Amalur 6

All other games scored a percentage of less than 5%.

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