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Welcome to RPGWatch

by Brian "Dhruin" Turner, 2006-10-17

On behalf of the entire team: welcome to RPGWatch!

It’s been quite a journey to get to this point and there’s still a long way to go. If you were a reader of RPGDot or MMORPGDot – welcome “home”. RPGWatch was founded by the RPGDot team to continue bringing the latest news to the RPG and MMOG playing communities, along with an improved layout, faster response times and many other improvements. Importantly for us, it’s also an opportunity to return to an independent site and server.

The initial launch represents only the most basic features – there’s a long way to go adding games and data to our database and as we move along, we’ll be adding more advanced site features, including some exciting ways for our community to interact with the site.

On the top menu bar (just to the right of "HELP"), you can select a Light or Dark skin for each site and RPGs or MMORPGs are easily available from the tabs at the very top.

We have a number of exciting and exclusive articles planned and we hope you join us regularly for the latest news and features.  Don't forget to join the forums and pass the word around about RPGWatch.


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